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Guide to Athens, Greece for 2015

Acropolis, Athens, GreeceThis is the index page for all my Athens Survival Guide which I began in 1983, before the internet existed, and have been adding to it and updating it ever since. My Athens Guide will give you the tools to survive and thrive in Athens, Greece and enable you to have as much fun as I do and feel as comfortable as if you have been here before. You can read about hotels, restaurants, archaeological sites, nightlife, beaches and daytrips to nearby islands and beaches and towns on the mainland. My Athens Guide may not be as fancy as some of the other travel sites but I think you will find it to be the most fun to use and probably find it to be at least as helpful as the popular guide books, except this is free. You can print out the pages you need and when you are done with them leave them for others to find. It also looks pretty good on ipad and iphones and other hand held devices. For those who are wondering, I started the actual website in 1995 and I update it continuously so if you are looking for good information about where to eat, sleep, swim, shop and educate yourself you have found it. I know you will enjoy it. Use the menu below that will lead you to the various sub-menus on this page.  This site is entirely hand-made and contains no cookies or sneaky pop-ups. I have put ads at the bottom of the pages to not be a distraction and only ads for my own pages or businesses I know and trust. By supporting them you not only support me, but you will probably have a safer and happier trip to Greece.

If  you are worried about the current situation in Athens? Read About Athens. Questions about Athens or Greece? You can e-mail me. If you like this site please share it with your friends on social media. There are Facebook and Google+ buttons at the bottom of this and other pages. If you need assistance with putting together an itinerary try using my Create-an-itinerary Work Page. Looking for something in particular? Search Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Guides

Basic Athens Info

Where to Play and  Stay

Travel Agents, Hotels etc

Getting Out of Athens:

Helpful Athens Info

Athens Photos & Articles

Other Greece Websites

Basic Athens Information

This section will get you started. It includes practical information like arriving at Venizelos Airport and getting into the city, to finding hotels in the best areas of Athens where you can walk to all the sites. It also includes recommended travel agents, using the metro and finding a good restaurant as well as the major reasons you are in Athens, which include the Acropolis, the museums and the most important archaeological sites as well as nightlife.

When To Go:
The weather for Athens by the season and what to pack

Getting to Athens:
Tips on flights for bargain hunters and info on ferries from Italy

Arrival in Athens:
What to expect when you get off the plane including changing money and getting to the city

Hotels in Athens:
Where to stay and how to stay there cheaply

  Travel Agents in Athens:
In my opinion these are the best

  Athens Restaurants:
A helpful Guide to good eating

Athens Photo Tours
Get to know Athens Before You Go

Top 10 Things to
See in Athens

Museums of Athens:
Listing and Descriptions

The Acropolis
You can't miss this

Staying in Contact:
Internet Cafes and Phones

Breakfast in Athens:
If there is no room service there are options

The Athens Metro is Here!  

Crime and Scams
No need to fear. You just have to be smart

The Best Coffee in Athens

George the Famous Taxi Driver:
Athens most valuable asset

Late Night in Athens:
What to do when dinner is over

The Athens Coastal Tram

Instructions and variety  

Matt's Tips
for Jetlag and Insomnia 

Beer in Athens
This is Important to some people

Athens Maps: Restaurants and Hotels and some other stuff that I did with Google maps, an ongoing project.

You can find hotels in Athens by location, price, whether or not it has a swimming pool, and see photos and reviews by using this link to Excellent prices and many hotels you can book and then cancel with no cancellation fee. For those who want to book without using a travel agency this is the best way to do it.

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Where to Play and Stay in Athens

This section will tell you where to stay, where not to stay and why, and how to make your way through the various neighborhoods and districts of downtown Athens. It also includes important archaeological sites and parks, shopping areas and more.

Athens Plaka Guide: 
A village below the Acropolis

Syntagma Square:
It's Back!

Makrianni and Koukaki
Home of the Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis
You can't miss this

Monastiraki Flea Market:
Ever on Sundays

Kolonaki and Lykavitos:
Greece's answer to Park Ave

Ermou Street
Athens Shopping District

Cool Center of Athens

Ancient Cemetery of Athens

Omonia and Beyond

Scary to some, home to others

The Athens Market:
My favorite place

Aeolou Street
Cafes, Shops and Car-less

Athinas Street
My kinda street

A pretty cool place to Be

The Gazi
Food, art and culture in the old Athens Gas Works

A Real Athenian Neighborhood

The 1st Cemetery
Maybe the most beautiful place in Athens

The Ultimate Guide

The Ancient and
Roman Agoras

National Gardens: 
The Amazon rainforest in downtown Athens

Platia Agia Irini


Shopping in Athens

Beaches of Athens

The Great Outdoors:
The Greenery is plentiful and expanding

A Walking Trip in Pireaus

A Walk Around Athens with Matt: Join me on a quick tour through Athens to some popular tourist areas and some places tourists never go. A great way to get to know the city.

Strollering Through Athens: A true adventure story about a brave couple who take their infant daughter on a stroller journey from central Athens to Kypseli that is required reading for parents

Coastal Athens: Faliron, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza You don't have to stay downtown if you don't want to. From the Athenian Riviera you can stay at the beach and commute to the Acropolis by bus, taxi or coastal tram

Kifissia: The Cool Northern Suburbs: There is a reason the wealthy people of Athens have their summer houses in Kifissia. A milder climate and still within driving distance of downtown. Nice hotels and the metro goes all the way through Athens to Pireaus

Athens Hotel Search: Find hotels by neighborhood, category, price, or popularity with photos and reviews

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Services in Athens

This section includes recommended hotels and travel agents, taxi drivers and other businesses in Athens. The hotel section tells which areas to stay at and which to avoid. I included a few interesting tours as well.

Travel Agents in Athens:
Only the Best

Hotels in Athens:
Where to stay and how to stay there cheaply

Villas in Greece
Apartments in Athens too

George the Famous Taxi Driver 
Transfers, Tours and Hospitality

Limousine Service
Airport-Business and Tours

Billy's Bus Tours
Transfers and Sightseeing

Gold and Jewelery
Where to buy

The Poet-Sandalmaker of Athens  

Pandelis Melissinos:
Playwright, Artist, Designer, Sandalmaker, and one of the Coolest Guys in Athens

Jewish Walking Tours
Historic Sites and Museums

Athens Walking Tour 
Includes the Acropolis, Agora and more

Art and Artists
In Athens and Around Greece

Athens Sightseeing Tour
with Acropolis Museum

Assistance for Foreigners
Residence permits, employment, weddings, education, immigration and more

Schedules and Fares
for Trains, Buses and, Airport Shuttles

Athens By Night
The Plaka and Taverna Dinner

Car Rentals:
Driving out of Athens

Yachts, Sailboats
and Sailing Schools

Bringing A Group? Helpful work-page for Churches, schools, cultural organizations coming to Greece

Greece Travel t-shirt bannerVisit my Greece Travel T-shirts Page where you can buy your souvenirs before you visit Greece. Not only will you get discounts and gifts from restaurants and shops for wearing them, and not only will you be able to recognize other people who use my websites and become instant friends, but all proceeds go to helping the needy in Greece. And the designs are way better than anything you will see in the tourist shops in Greece. See Greece T-shirts and Athens T-shirts.

Banner Athens walks

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Getting Out of Athens

Most people come to Athens because they are going to the Greek Islands and this section will tell you about the islands near Athens and how to get to them and those further away. It also has sections on mainland day-trips and overnight trips, and various services who can get you out of Athens. For those of you who are going to the Greek Islands I suggest you visit my Greek Island Guide too.

Rafina & Other Day-Trips:
Beaches too

Aegina, Poros and Hydra:
The nearby Islands

How to Go to Greek Island
Step by Step Directions

The Argolis
Mycenae, Epidavros and Nafplio

  Fantasy Travel of Greece
Mainland , islands, cruises and More!

Beaches of Athens
Where to Swim

One-Day Saronic Islands Cruise
Aegina, Poros and Hydra

George's Taxi Excursions:
Get out of town the fun way

Greek Island Programs
The easy way to Island-hop

An island almost as big as Crete and you can drive there in 45 minutes!

A Remote Greek Island an Hour from Athens?

Travel Agents:
My Recommendations

Ferry Boats in Pireaus:
Helpful map and information

Pahi Megara
It's Nicer than you would Expect

The Curse of Eleusis
Did the theft of a statue 200 years ago curse the land of Eleusis?

Lake Vouliagmeni
Natural healing springs

Winter Packages
Recommended off-season Programs

Car Rentals:
The Best agencies in Athens  

The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion


  Going Home

Weekly Ferry Schedules

Wine Tours

A Walking Trip in Pireaus

Driving in Greece

Pireaus Hotels

Exploring Attika by Car

Day Tour to Delphi

Day Tour to Myceneae/Epidavros

Delphi/Meteora Overnight

Coastal Athens: Faliron, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza: From the Athenian Riviera you can stay at the beach and commute to the Acropolis by bus, taxi or coastal tram and you can get to Pireaus to get the ferry just as easily

The New Attika Zoological Park: The 2nd largest bird collection in the world and lots of new and exotic animals that you might not expect to see in Greece

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Other Helpful Athens Info

This section has a lot of important stuff, some articles written in a fun and whimsical fashion and other articles quite dry and boring but nonetheless useful. I have also included some of the articles that are featured in the sections above but are just as suited to this section. In fact the stuff I want you to read because I think it is important to you (or to me) I may have listed two or three times in this index.

Strollering Through Athens:
Traveling with Children or this

Maps of Athens
Restaurants, Hotels and More

Bureacracy in Athens:
A True story

NEW! Weekend in Athens
Making the most of a very short visit

What to read for your visit to Greece

Art Galleries in Athens

Eating Seafood in Pireaus

A Walk with Matt

Guide to Greek Food

Practical Athens Information
Hospitals, Currency, Long Distance Buses, statistics and stuff that you will have no interest in whatsoever

What to bring home from Athens or what to bring as gifts to Athens.

The Language:
Speak Greek in Two Months!

Greek Food:
What to eat, how to say it, how it looks

Rain in Athens?:
Just in case...

Athens Nightlife:
Club listings

Life-enhancing soup of the working class

What Music to Buy
My Favorite Greek CDs

Demonstrations and Riots
One is rare the other easily avoidable

Amvrazi and Vrettos:
Two of my favorite journalists in Athens.

What to read and where to find them

  The Olympics
Yes they are over but you can still
look at my photos

Stray Dogs: An Athenian problem

The Athens Marathon
The original Marathon

Greece's Gift to Fast Food

Socrates Drank The Conium:
Greece's Greatest Rock Group

   Something new and helpful is
Matt's Travel Tips.

Matt's Top 10 Things to do in Athens

What Things Cost in
Restaurants and Shops

Churches in Athens
AA Meetings too

Information for Wheelchair Users: from an Athens 2004 Paralympic Athlete

If you have an idea of what you want to do in Greece use my Create-an-itinerary Form Its fun.

Athens Food Tour: A Four hour tour visiting the central market and interesting food shops and restaurants in central Athens.

Questions? e-mail me at

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Photo Tours of Athens and Other Stuff

These are photos I have taken over the years and several articles that I could not decide where else to put them. Many of these pages are linked to from other pages above but some are not. There are also links to photo albums on some of my other websites. In fact you can see most of my best photos by going to

On The Acropolis: A Photo Journey

Lykavittos: The View from the Top

Matt's Best of Athens Page

Athens Photos:The Sixties
My Dad took these

Graffiti of Athens
This is amazing!

Inside the Parthenon 2009
A look behind the scenes

Panathinaiko Marble Stadium

Psiri 2013 Photo Album

24 Hours in Monastiraki

Plaka Photo Album

Kerameikos Photo Album:
The Ancient Cemetery of Athens

Athens Photos: Everyday Athens

Matt's Greece Cartoons

Athens Photo Album

Matt Barrett for Mayor?
Read the Athens News Endorcement

Psiri Photo Tour

Flea Market Photo Journey

Ermou Street Photo Journey

 National Museum Photo Tour

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Greek Independence Day Photos

2013 Market Photos

The Elgin Marbles
Not in Athens yet but they may be soon.

Laiki Farmers Markets

Old Market Photo Journey

The Lyceum of Aristotle

Olympico Greek Jewelry

Life in Kypseli Photo Tour

Kaisariani Monastery

Byzantino Jewelry

Athens: The Way It Used To Be
Historical Photos

Ancient Greek Jewelry

Geniko Emborio Eklekton
Proionton Naxos

Street People of Athens

Naxos Lamb and Cheese
Market in Psiri

The Great Snowstorm
of 2002

Christmas in Greece:
If you are thinking of traveling to Greece for the Christmas Holidays

Sunday in Abysinia Square:
Athens Antique Paradise

In Search of Old Buildings
Who says Athens is a concrete jungle?

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